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[EPHEMERA]. Five items of ephemera published during the war.

[1] MEXICO. LAWS (July 18, 1846). Ministerio de Relaciones Esteriores, Gobernacion y Policia. [Mexico City, 1846]. Dated in type July 18, 1846. Broadside (21 x 16 cm). Uniform age-toning, right and left margins chipped, wants lower left corner, remnant of old mounting paper on verso.

First edition.

This law ensures that the Plan of San Luis Potosí does not compromise official acts of the government.

[2] GUANAJUATO. Dictamen que por disposicion de la asamblea departamental de Guanajuato, abrió su comision de Hacienda con motivo de haber mandado suspender el Supremo Gobierno la contribucion impuesta à las conductas y à los conductores en la parte 6a art. 2.o del decreto nùm. 22 de la misma Asamblea [caption title]. Guanajuato: Imprenta de Juan E. Oñate, calle de Sopeña número 11, [1846]. Dated in type August 25, 1846. [2] pp. Folio (32 x 22.5 cm). Ink stamped number at upper right, creased where formerly folded, small fold split, otherwise fine.

First edition.

Commission report suggesting to the departmental government alternate methods for funding the money mandated to support the war.

[3] OLAGUIBEL, Francisco M. El C. Lic. Francisco M. de Olaguibel, Gobernador constitucional del estado libre y soberano de Mexico, á todos sus habitantes, que. [Toluca, 1846]. Dated in type November 18, 1846, and December 14, 1846. Broadside: 31 x 21.5 cm. Right margin chipped and stained, two wormholes affecting a few letters.

Second edition.

Relates to upcoming appointments of judges and other judicial officials.

[4] DURANGO. Mensage del Supremo Gobierno de Durango a la legislatura constitucional del Estado al timepo de su solemne instalacion, verificada el dia 8 de noviembre de 1846, y constestacion del Exmo. Sr. Presidente del mismo honorable cuerpo [caption title]. Victoria de Durango: Imprenta del Gobierno á cargo de M. Gonzales, 1846. [1] 2-12 pp. Folio (30.5 x 21 cm), stitched. Creased where formerly folded, small wormholes in some leaves affecting letters, final leaf chipped and with moderate worm damage.

First edition.

Among other topics, includes discussions of continuing support for the war effort and of ways to combat Native American raids.

[5] PORTILLO, Jesús L. Escitacion que el M.I. Ayuntamiento de Guadalajara hace a los habitantes de la municipalidad. [Guadalajara]: Imprenta del Gobierno, [1846]. Dated in type August 24, 1846. Broadside: 32 x 22.5 cm. Very fine.

First edition. Garrett & Goodwin, p. 449.

The town council appeals to the citizens to respond with open heart and pocketbook for the relief of the soldiers and citizens affected by the recent siege of the city. Exactly to what this refers is something of a mystery, since the city was never besieged by U.S. forces. It may refer to one of the several uprisings that took place.


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