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War Is Coming


[FINANCES]. MEXICO. LAWS (May 7, 1846). El C. Luis Gonzaga de Chavarri, intendente honorario de ejército, vocal de la Exma. Asamblea del Departamento de Mexico, y gobernador interino del mismo. [Mexico City, 1846]. Dated in type May 7, 1846, and May 9, 1846. Broadside: 45 x 33.5 cm. Creased where formerly folded with small fold split, upper margin lightly chipped. A very handsome broadside.

Second edition.

An unusual decree that reflects the growing anxiety about war with the United States, issued the day before the first battle in Texas had even taken place, and probably the first of several desperate measures that would be taken during the war to raise money. By this order, most government payments and pensions are reduced by a fourth, although exceptions are made for those on the active military payroll and those with small pensions of 300 pesos or less. The reduction extends even to the “Presidente de la República, y á los Secretarios del Despacho.” Officials who pay contrary to this decree will be fined.


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