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Infested with Guerrillas

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[GUERRILLAS]. UNITED STATES. ARMY. GENERAL ORDERS. Headquarters of the Army, Mexico, Dec. 12, 1847. General Orders 372. [2] [2, blank] pp. 12mo (20 x 14 cm), disbound. Left margin with old stab holes, gutter margin with voids. Signed by H.L. Scott.

First edition. Eberstadt, p. 72. Garrett & Goodwin, p. 398.

Remarks that Mexico is still “infested” with guerrilleros and rancheros who constantly cause trouble. This order sets up procedures for clearing the country of them and for dealing with them when they are caught, although summary execution of prisoners is forbidden.

Guerrillas were a constant and often dangerous problem for both Taylor and Scott, placing the latter under obligation to detach troops to protect his long supply line to Veracruz. See “Guerrilla Warfare,” Encyclopedia of the Mexican-American War, Vol. I, pp. 282-283.


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