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The Last Gasp of Reasonableness

Beware Santa-Anna


HERRERA, José Joaquín de. A group of ten orders and laws mostly issued during the Herrera presidency. All are 12mo and in good condition. All are first editions published at Mexico City. Includes one decree from the very end of Canalizo’s presidency.

[1] Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores, Gobernacion y Policia. Broadside. Dated in type Mexico, December 17, 1844.

An important decree denouncing Santa-Anna and demanding that the military be loyal to the Herrera government.

[2] Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores, Gobernacion y Policia. [3], [1, blank]. Dated Mexico in type June 4, 1845, and signed with Cuevas’ paraf.

Bitter denunciation of the annexation of Texas by the United States and calling the country to arms without, cautiously, calling outright for war.

[3] Ministerio de Hacienda. Seccion 1a. Broadside. Dated in type July 12, 1845.

Closes the port of San Juan Bautista in Tabasco to foreign trade.

[4] Ministerio de Guerra y Marina. Seccion Central=Mcsa [sic] 4a. [2] pp. Dated Mexico in type August 25, 1845. Docketed N. 46 in contemporary manuscript on p. [1].

Provides that those military personal subject to the fuero will have their cases transferred to civilian courts. This order no doubt enraged many of the military elite in Mexico and contributed to the rebellion against Herrera.

[5] Ministerio de Hacienda. Seccion 1a. Broadside. Dated in type October 2, 1845.

Reopens the port of San Juan Bautista.

[6] Anastasio Bustamante, general de division, benemérito de la pátria, general en jefe del ejército de operaciones en esta capital. Broadside. Dated in type December 29, 1845.

And four others. Contact us for complete list.

Herrera (1792-1854) was elected President in December 7, 1844, after Santa-Anna went into exile. His moderate views towards war with the United States were not, however, popular and he was deposed on December 30, 1845, ultimately paving the way for Santa-Anna to return. After the war he was re-elected President.


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