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How to Spend the Money


[INDEMNITY PAYMENTS]. HERRERA, José Joaquin de. Ministerio de Hacienda. Seccion 2a [caption title]. [Mexico City, 1848]. Dated in type June 14, 1848. [4] pp. Folio (31 x 21 cm). Very fine.

First edition. Harper 12:395.

Sets up conditions for spending the first installment of the 12,000,000 pesos due the Mexican government from the United States as payments and reparations as stipulated by the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. Includes a long list of allowed and forbidden expenditures, including firing certain low level employees and discounted loans. Among allowed expenditures are 150,000 pesos to Yucatán to continue the Caste War and money to repatriate Mexicans who wish to leave the United States. Unfortunately, in many ways, the restrictions on spending are a catalogue of possibilities of graft and corruption that could siphon off the funds.


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