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[MANUSCRIPTS]. A group of fourteen war-date manuscripts from various locales dealing with sundry matters. Various sizes. All are in fair to good condition.


[1] [HUICHAPAN]. A group of nine letters concerning matters in Huichapan by various people. One letter of July 13, 1847, demonstrates deep problems with the garrison and their morale.

[2] [MÉNDEZ, Eleuterio]. A small legajo sewn with contemporary thread detailing his promotion to Brigadier General following his actions at the battle of Churubusco. Ten leaves. Folio. Includes several pages of certified copies of various officials attesting to his actions. The last document makes it clear that this was Méndez’s own copy.

[3] TORNEL, José María. ALs in secretarial hand but signed by Tornel to Cosme Furlong concerning what to do with five deserters. A somewhat amusing letter expressing confusion about what to do with the men.

[4] VENEGAS, Trinidad. ALs to Trinidad Benegas stating that lieutenant colonel Ygnacio Rubín has presented himself for review.​

And three others.


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