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[MAP]. TURNBULL, Charles Nesbit & George B. McClellan. Battle of Cerro Gordo April 17th & 18th, 1847 from Surveys Made by Major Turnbull & Capt McClellan, Topl. Engs. Drawn by Capt McClellan. [Mexico City: Salazar, 1848?]. Lithograph map on thick paper. Neat line to neat line: 30.5 x 47 cm; map and legend: 31.3 x 47 cm; overall sheet size: 49 x 60 cm. With table of U.S. troop strengths at lower left and comparative troop strengths at bottom. Mexican positions in blue and U.S. positions in orange. Professionally washed and stabilized; marginal tears expertly closed.

First edition. Garrett & Goodwin, p. 429. Similar to the map of the same title that appeared in Message from the President of the United States to the Two Houses of Congress...December 7, 1847 (30th Congress, 1st Session, Senate Executive Document 1), but with some variances. Here the title starts 2.5 cm below neat line, the lettering is different, the paper is heavier than in the government report, and the impression is much finer.

Shows the positions and movements of the troops under Worth, Twigg, and Pillow, as well as other details in the decisive battle of the Cerro Gordo, including geographical features.

Probably printed for the U.S. Army during the occupation.


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