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The Most Detailed Map of the Battle of Mexico City

<p>Complete map</p>


[MAP]. TURNBULL, Charles Nesbit, et al. Battles of Mexico. Survey of the Line of Operations of the U.S. Army, under Command of Major General Winfield Scott, on the 19th & 20th of August & the 8th, 12th & 13th September, 1847, Map Made by Maj. Turnbull, Capt McClellan & Lieut. Hardcastle, Topl. Engs. Drawn by Capt. McClellan [lower left] Bureau Corps. T. Engineers, 3d March 1848. Examined & Approved. J.J. Abert Col. Corps T.E. Bureau Corps T. Engineers, 3d. March 1848. Examined & Approved. J.J. Abert Col. Corps T.E. [lower left] Lithographed & Published by C.B. Graham, Washington, D.C. 1848. [lower center above neat line]: Entered according to Act of Congress, in the Year 1848, by Curtis B. Graham, in the Clerks Office of the District of Columbia. [Inset at lower right]: Part of the Valley of Mexico. Several statistical tables show number of troops involved, indicating killed, wounded, and missing in each engagement. Lithograph map on thin paper with troop positions and movements in original colors, Mexico in blue and U.S. in red. Neat line to neat line: 59.3 x 86 cm; overall sheet size: 55 x 96 cm. Professionally washed and stabilized; lightly creased where formerly folded; marginal tears closed; small section of blank right margin supplied; small void in “Contreras” table costing two letters.

One of several editions of this map (Graham also did a version on thick paper), probably separately issued. Versions were also included in various government documents, although those were uncolored. American Philosophical Society, “‘Realms of Gold’: A Catalogue of Maps in the Library of the American Philosophical Society” (Memoirs, Volume 195, Philadelphia, 1991) #1506. Garrett & Goodwin, p. 429.

This was the most detailed, large scale, and comprehensive contemporary map showing the Battle of Mexico City from the initial engagements in the south to the entry into the city itself. Shows the battles around Mexico City and U.S. troop movements through San Angel, Churubusco, Chapultepec, and into Mexico City.


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