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[MEXICAN ARMY]. A group of six broadsides from 1846 dealing with various aspects of the army.

[1] Aviso al publico. Muy interesante. [Puebla, 1846]. Dated in type October 3, 1846. Broadside: 31.2 x 21.5 cm. Old stab holes in left margin, otherwise fine.

First edition. Not in usual Mexican-American War sources.

Announces that funds to purchase arms from the public have been deposited with Miguel García, Juan Hernández, and Miguel Limón. The government expresses disbelief that any loyal Mexican would fail to turn in his weapons and threatens punishment for any who fail to do so. An excellent example of the desperation being felt in the country to procure arms. Monterrey had just fallen.

[2] Secretaria del Supremo Gobierno del estado. Aviso interestante. [Puebla, 1846]. Dated in type September 22, 1846. Broadside: 31 x 21 cm. Upper left margin wants a small piece, slightly wrinkled, small ink stain.

First edition. Not in usual Mexican-American War sources.

Reminds citizens how important it is for them to turn in weapons (“fusiles, carabinas, pistolas y sables de municion”) and threatening those who do not come forward inside of two weeks. At this point, the Battle of Monterrey was underway.

[3] El C. Lic Franscisco Modesto de Olaguibel, Gobernador interino del Estado libre y soberano de Mexico. [Mexico City, 1846]. Dated in type August 31, 1846, and September 7, 1846. Broadside: 32.5 x 22.5 cm. Creased where formerly folded, right margin chipped, moderate brown stain at left center. With contemporary ink note in lower margin stating it was published on October 2, 1846.

Second edition. Harper 12:248.

“If the civilian and military employees refuse to obey the government orders ‘in the present circumstances of war in which the Republic finds itself,’ they are to be dismissed from their posts and be declared incapable of obtaining any other as well as being liable to severe punishments” (Eberstadt 398).

[4] Manuel González Cosío, Gobernador del Estado libre de Zacatecas, a sus habitantes: Que el CC. diputados srios. Del honorable Congreso del Estado me han comunicado el decreto siguente. [Zacatecas, 1846]. Dated in type December 10, 1846, and December 12, 1846. Broadside: 31.5 x 22.5 cm. Old stab holes in left margin, otherwise fine. With contemporary ink Numo 13 in upper right margin.

First edition. Not in usual Mexican-American War sources.

Provides that families of military personnel killed or disabled in the war will be entitled to pensions.

[5] Acta. [Xalapa]: Imprenta de Florencio Aburto, [1846]. Dated in type August 2, 1846. Broadside: 31 x 22 cm. Left margin heavily chipped, old ink stamps at upper right.

First edition. Not in usual Mexican-American War sources.

The numerous signatories state: “Esta guarnicion se adhiere en todas sus partes al Plan proclamado en la Plaza de Veracruz el dia 31 del prócsimo pasado, con las adiciones que constan en la Acta.” Informs the commanding general of the situation.

[6] El ciudadano Luis Gonzaga de Chavarri, intendente honorable de ejército, vocal de la Exma. Asamblea del Departamento de Mexico, y Gobernador interino del mismo. [Mexico City, 1846]. Dated in type June 27, 1846, and June 31, 1846. Broadside: 33 x 24 cm. Creased where formerly folded with small fold split, upper and right margins wrinkled and chipped.

Second edition. Not in usual Mexican-American War sources.

Reorganizes the responsibilities and procedures for inspecting and regulating the armed forces, “especialmente en los planes de ataque y defensa.” President Paredes y Arrillaga, who sponsored this decree, would be deposed just a few days later.


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