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Getting Ready for War


[MEXICAN ARMY]. FLORES, José María. El Gobernador y presidente de la asamblea de San Luis Potosi, a sus habitantes, sabed. [San Luis Potosí, 1845]. Dated in type August 16, 1845, and August 19, 1845. Broadside: 31.5 x 21.5 cm. Very fine. Rare. No copies on OCLC.

First edition.

Seeking volunteers for the army who “quieren ser defensores de la independencia y de las leyes.” Quotas are established for each locality (e.g., Pozos 20 men, Catorce 100 men, Ciudad del Maiz 50 men, etc.). The lists of men were to be turned in by local authorities in two weeks.

In early August, Taylor had moved his forces to Corpus Christi and war fears were clearly rising in Mexico.


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