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Volunteers from Chalco


[MEXICAN ARMY]. MEXICO. MINISTRO DE ESTADO Y DEL DESPACHO DE GUERRA Y MARINA (Gutiérrez). El Ministro de Estado y del Despacho de Guerra y Marina. [Text begins] “Por quanto en el Ciudadano [Eleuterio Méndez Coronel] concurren las circunstancias provenidas en el artículo 20. del Reglamento para el servicio de secciones ligeras de la guardia nacional de los Estados y territorios de la República....” [Mexico City, 1847]. Dated in manuscript May 8, 1847. [4] pp. form: 43 x 28 cm. Creased where formerly folded and a few scattered small holes touching two letters, otherwise fine and very handsome. Signed by Ignacio Gutiérrez. With contemporary ink note on verso by the son of Méndez stating that the document concerns his late father’s appointment as a military commander.

Méndez is granted permission to raise a company of volunteers in Chalco to fight the North American invaders. Scott passed through the area without resistance on his march to Mexico City. At this point, Puebla was on the point of falling to American forces.


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