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Army Conscription


[MEXICAN ARMY]. MEXICO. LAWS (April 26, 1847). Jose Rafael Isunza, Gobernador constitucional del Estado libre y soberano de Puebla, a todos sus habitantes. [Puebla, 1847]. Dated in type April 26, 1847, and May 6, 1847. Broadside: 31 x 21.5 cm. Corners chipped, old stab holes in left margin, otherwise very good. On embossed paper. Rare. No copies on OCLC.

Later edition. Not in usual Mexican-American War sources.

Isunza’s promulgation of a law conscripting recruits for the Mexican army in light of the deteriorating condition of the armed forces, Imposes quotas on each state (e.g., Puebla, 2,000; Sonora, 1,000; Durango, 1,000; etc.). Orders recruitment of only those “mas apta y espedita para la fatiga de la guerra.”

An interesting example of the diminishing resources available to Mexico to replenish the army. Several important locales, such as Saltillo, Monterrey, and Veracruz are not on the list because they were occupied by American forces. Even though Puebla is required to contribute 2,000 men, it is a dubious proposition that they were able to do so since the city surrendered merely ten days later.


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