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“Los invasores en Puebla”


[MEXICAN ARMY]. PÉREZ FERNÁNDEZ, Diego José. El C. Diego Jose Perez Fernandez, Teniente Gobernador constitucional en ejercicio del poder ejecutivo del Estado libre y soberano de Mexico á los habitantes del mismo. [Toluca, 1847]. Dated in type July 9, 1847. Broadside: 32 x 21.3 cm. Old stab holes in left margin, upper left margin and corner moderately chipped. Contemporary ink number 40 in upper right margin.

First edition. Harper 12:335.

Because of the actions of the U.S. Army, who have done such things as release dangerous and notorious criminals from the Puebla jails to fight for the United States, it is ordered that bodies of the National Guard be formed to protect the populace. Excepted are those who have already volunteered to serve in some capacity. The tenor of the language is exceptionally anti-gringo. At this point, Mexico City was expecting Scott to arrive at any time. Scott had indeed emptied the Puebla jails to recruit guerrillas and spies for his army.


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