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“Todo Mexicano está obligado á hacer la guerra”


[MEXICO CITY, BATTLE OF]. HERRERA, José Joaquín de. Jose Joaquin de Herrera, general de division, comandante general de Mexico, y en gefe del ejercito que guarnece esta capital. [Mexico City, 1847]. Dated in type September 7, 1847. Broadside: 33 x 23 cm. Margins chipped and torn, the right one with loss of a few letters.

Second edition. Garrett & Goodwin, p. 475.

Herrera’s promulgation of a Tornel decree stating that the armistice has been ended and that upon the ringing of the cathedral bell all able-bodied persons must turn out with whatever weapons they have (“fusiles, carabinas, pistolas y espadas”) to resist the invasion. The only exemptions are for sick people and the clergy, the former of whom must contribute whatever weapons they have and the latter must exhort the people to their duty. The populace is also expected to help feed the army and care for the wounded. The armistice ended on September 6 and hostilities resumed on the 8th.


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