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“¡Viva la República! ¡Viva la Independencia! ¡Viva la Religion!”


[MEXICO CITY, BATTLE OF]. La Cerrada de los templos por la venida de los Yankees. San Luis Potosí: Impreso en Mexico y reimpreso en San Luis Potosí, por M. Escontría, [1847]. Undated, but about September 8, when American forces were poised to take Mexico City. Broadside in two columns: 32 x 21 cm. Very fine. Rare. No copies on OCLC.

Second edition? Not in usual Mexican-American War sources.

Signed in type “Unos católicos,” a nearly hysterical warning about what will happen to the populace, clergy, and the church if American forces enter the city. Gives a long list of supposed atrocities in Chihuahua, Tampico, Monterrey, etc. Also says that the Americans will bleed Mexican commerce dry. In the end, urges guerrilla activities and armed resistance against the invaders, saying that five citizens can kill an armed soldier. Urges wholesale attacks against American soldiers by armed citizens, stating the former are vastly outnumbered. The urgings of the authors came true to a certain extent in the civilian resistance to occupying troops.


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