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Get Out and Stay Out


[MEXICO CITY]. LOMBARDINI, Manuel María. Manuel Maria Lombardini, General de Brigada y en Gefe del de Oriente. [Mexico City, 1847]. Dated in type July 12, 1847. Broadside: 31 x 20 cm. Very fine. With contemporary manuscript notation at top. On embossed paper.

First edition. Eberstadt 333. Harper 12:337: “One of the most interesting of Mexican War publications.”

“With the city of Mexico under siege by the American forces it was decided to expel from the city not only all those persons who were American by birth but also those who had been naturalized Americans or who were under the protection of the American flag. They have only twenty four [i.e., 48] hours to get out and go to the city of San Juan del Río, where they are to stay and not to approach by any direction to the capital” (Eberstadt). At this point, Mexico was paranoid, perhaps with good reason, about Americans or those sympathetic to them spreading false rumors and gossip. An interesting example of the fear that gripped the city when they realized that after Cerro Gordo there was nothing between Scott’s army and the city but open road.


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