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The Mexican Congress Reorganizes


[MEXICO: POLITICS & GOVERNMENT]. ECHEVERRÍA, Pascasio. Necesidad de la observancia de la ley de 20 de abril del ano presente decretada par las actuales circunstancias [caption title]. Querétaro: Imprenta de F. Frías, c. de la Flor-Baja núm 5, [1847]. Dated in type September 27, 1847. [1] 2-4 pp. Folio in two columns (31 x 22 cm), folded sheet. Creased where formerly folded, otherwise very fine. Rare. Only three copies on OCLC.

First edition. Harper 12:362.

An important theoretical and legal statement concerning the Mexican government, clearly showing the crisis in Mexico at this time. Contrary to the law, several actions of the government–both state and local–“have placed the nation in great jeopardy.” Echeverría warns that unless Mexico observes its own laws, it will find itself like “Russia and Spain when they were invaded by the armies of Napoleon.” Echeverría discusses authorized temporary measures and the reconvocation of the national congress in Querétaro after it had been driven out of the city of Mexico by the invading U.S. forces and speaks of the difficulties of assembling a whole complement of representatives at that place. Reprints the decree of April 20, 1847, authorizing the government to take all measures necessary to push forward the war and preserve republican government, but declaring invalid all secret agreements with the U.S. As a contemporary plea, the sense of urgency in this imprint is compelling as a staggering Mexico sought to find its footing.


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