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[MONTERREY, BATTLE OF]. SARONY & MAJOR (publishers). Genl. Ampudia Treating for the Capitulation of Monterey, with Genl. Taylor, 24th. Sept: 1846. Art. IV That the Citadel of Monterey Be Evacuated by the Mexicans and Occupied by the American Forces To-morrow Morning at 10 o’clock. [along bottom] Lith. & Pub. By Sarony & Major. Entered According to Act of Congress in the Year 1846, by Sarony & Major, in the Clerk’s Office of the District Court for the Southern District of New York. 59 Nassau Near Fulton St N.Y. Print: image area: 21 x 33 cm. Contemporary hand-color. In contemporary wood frame (scratched). Light browning and a few tears. Not examined outside of frame.

First edition. Garrett & Goodwin, p. 576.

An image full of American pride showing Ampudia and his entourage, hats in hand, addressing Taylor, who, with chest puffed out, orders them out of the city with a pointed gesture. Taylor is backed up by massed troops. Despite the tenor of the scene, Taylor allowed the Mexican army to retreat with full military honors and their weapons.


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