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Pronunciamento de la Ciudadela

Santa-Anna Returns

<p>Item [1]</p>


Two items relating to this important pronunciamiento.

[1] Pronunciamento en la Ciudadela. Mexico City: [August 4, 1846]. Dated in type 1846. Broadside. 30 x 21 cm. Left margin reinforced with old paper mounting tab, small circular stain where some idiot set a coffee cup on the item.

First edition. Eberstadt 594. Garrett & Goodwin, p. 495. Harper 12:249. Streeter Sale 252.

“This Pronunciamiento is an important document in the Mexican War as it marks the outbreak of what is sometimes called the revolution of 4 August 1846, or sometimes ‘The Citadel Revolution’ and the overthrow of Mariano Paredes, who had been president of Mexico since 4 January 1846. Paredes, by pronouncing in December, 1844, had caused the downfall and banishment of Santa Anna and again in December 1845 had forced out Herrera, Santa Anna's legal successor, as president. In this pronunciamiento, José Mariano Salas assumed charge of the government and called for the return of Santa-Anna. On August 16 Santa Anna made a triumphant return to Vera Cruz and in September was given the chief command of the army” (Streeter). The Texas question is specifically mentioned. See Bancroft, History of Mexico, Vol. V, p. 299.

This prints only the “action part” of the plan. The entire document includes a long preamble concerning the justifications for the actions. Labels those who oppose the present plan as traitors.

[2] Acta de la guarnicion de la capital de Chiapas, en que se adhiere al plan salvador de la Republica en la ciudadela de Mexico el dia 4. de agosto de 1846. [San Cristóbal, 1846]. Dated in type August 22, 1846. Broadside: 30 x 20 cm. Two moderate chips in left margin, top margin trimmed with loss of most of the first word, upper right margin cut away. Modern ink number stamp at upper right. Rare. Only one copy on OCLC (also apparently missing the first word).

First edition. Harper 12:240.

“A statement by the troops of Mexico stationed in the far south of the Republic of their adherence to General Santa Anna upon his return from exile to become again head of the government” (Harper). This pronouncement was accompanied by celebratory cannon fire.


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