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[SAN LUIS POTOSÍ] Five documents published at San Luis Potosí concerning the war.

[1] Ya vuelve la libertad. Letrilla. San Luis Potosí: Imprenta del gobierno, á cargo de Ventura Carrillo, 1845. Broadside in two columns: 33 x 21 cm. Undated but after December, 1844. Light horizontal crease, top and bottom margins lightly chipped. Very rare. One copy on OCLC.

First edition.

A satirical poem that expresses misgivings about the return of Federalists to power in the person of President Herrera. Expresses the fear that the country will lose its wealth and everyone will be eating cactus. Attacks different beliefs, such as those of Luther. A highly unusual publication that appeared just as war was on the horizon.

[2] El Gobernador del estado a sus habitantes. Sabed. Que por el Ministerio de Hacienda se me ha comunicado el decreto que sigue. [San Luis Potosí, 1847]. Dated in type March 27, 1847, and April 3, 1847. Broadside: 31.5 x 21 cm. Right margin slightly irregular, light horizontal crease, otherwise fine.

Later edition. Not in usual Mexican-American War sources.

Allows the government by various means to raise 20,000,000 pesos.

[3] El Gobernador del Estado de San Luis Potosi, á sus conciudadanos. [San Luis Potosí, 1847]. Dated in type August 25, 1847. Broadside: 31.5 x 22 cm. All margins tape stained, right margin and lower right margin chipped.

First edition. Not in usual Mexican-American War sources.

Announces that Mexico City is on the verge of falling and urges greater patriotism among the citizens: “Aun laten en nuestros pechos los sentimentos sublimes de honor y patriotismo; aun arde inestinguible en nuestros corazones el sacrosanto fuego de la libertad!”

[4] Aviso muy importante. [San Luis Potosí, 1847]. Dated in type August 25, 1847. Broadside: 32 x 22 cm. Very fine. On embossed paper.

First edition. Not in usual Mexican-American War sources.

A mournful, astonished announcement of the fall of “la hermosa Capital de la República.” This announcement is bizarrely premature, since Scott did not enter the city until September 14. At this point not even the important battles of Molino del Rey and Chapultepec had been fought.

[5] Ultimas noticias de Jalapa y Nuevo-Mexico, a deguello de los Yankies. San Luis Potosí: Imprenta del estado en palacio, á cargo de Ventura Carillo, 1847. Broadside: 21.5 x 15.5 cm. Undated. Lower margin chipped and stained.

Not in usual Mexican-American War sources.

Reprints news from two sources. The first from Orizaba reports that Scott is ill and has no intention of advancing on Puebla. The second, from Durango, seems to be a report of a successful Taos Rebellion, which had already been suppressed. The second report ends with the sentiment, “Ojala que sea verdad.” Both are false, however. Interesting examples of Mexican propaganda.


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