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Oh, No! Not Him Again!

“¡Muerte al que perdió nuestras batallas!”


[SANTA-ANNA, ANTONIO LÓPEZ DE]. Interesante venida del general Santa-Anna. [Mexico City]: Imprenta de la calle de San Camilo número 9, [1853]. Broadside in two columns: 31 x 21 cm. Lower margin untrimmed; overall very fine. A handsome piece. Very rare. No copies on OCLC.

First edition.

Reprinted from El Monitor republicano, number 1362, this is a dire warning against allowing Santa-Anna to return to Mexico and thus rob the country of the relative peace and tranquility that it is currently enjoying. In a barbed reference to the Mexican-American War, the article remarks that all Santa-Anna did was lose every battle to Scott. It closes with a plea: “Poderes de la nacion, vosotros sois responsables de la tranquilidad pública: salvad á la nacion, no permitais la entrada del general Santa-Anna al territorio mexicano.”

Despite such protests, Santa-Anna did return in 1853 for his final sixth term as president. It proved as disastrous as all his former turns in office. During this time, for example, he completed the Gadsden Purchase, but wasted the money. He was removed and back in exile in 1855.


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