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“Tu poder ha sido como el de Satanás”


[SANTA ANNA, ANTONIO LÓPEZ DE]. Maldito sea el asesino de la pátria Don Antonio Lopez de Santa-Anna. Impreso en Puebla, reimpreso en México y por segunda vez en San Luis Potosí, por Manuel Escontría, primera calle de la puerta del campo del Cármen, número 7, [1847?]. Broadside in two columns: 32 x 22 cm. Signed in type “Los poblanos.” Very fine. Very rare. Only one copy on OCLC.

Third edition. Not in usual Mexican-American War sources.

A violent denunciation of Santa Anna as a miscreant and traitor, the anti-hero everyone loves to hate. The text accuses him of aggrandizing himself, dividing the country, not caring about the populace, living a life of luxury, etc. An incredible, extended denunciation that was probably published after Mexico had collapsed and Santa-Anna was no longer a factor. Judging from the publication history given here, it was popular.


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