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“Lo pasado no puede ya remediarse”

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SCOTT, Winfield. El general en gefe de los egércitos de los Estados-Unidos de America, á la nacion Megicana! [2] [2, blank] pp. 4to (26.5 x 21 cm), bifolium. On blue paper in two columns. Slightly wrinkled, small stain, otherwise fine. Very rare. All copies on OCLC are electronic. On paper watermarked JGM 1838.

First edition. Garrett & Goodwin, p. 501. Signed and dated in type Winfield Scott, Jalapa, May 11, 1847.

Something of a cold-water bath to the Mexican populace. Although Scott states the United States does not want war, it will prosecute the campaign to the fullest. He implies that not only is the army unstoppable but also that it will not stop. States that the populace has been deceived by its leaders, who have lied. He even states that his army, like Mexicans, are Catholic. An extremely important address in Scott’s propaganda campaign.


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