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Anti-War Sermons

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[SERMONS]. Group of four anti-war sermons. Most emphasize the monetary and human cost of the war and war in general. All argue that war is against Christian principles. All are first editions.

[1] PARKER, Theodore. Sermon of War, Preached at the Melodeon, on Sunday, June 7, 1846.... Published by Request. Boston: Charles C. Little and James Brown, 1846. [1-3] 4-42 pp. 8vo (21 x 13.3 cm), disbound, lacks wrappers. Internally, very good.

Garrett & Goodwin, p. 370. Sabin 56767n.

“In war the State teaches men to lie, to steal, to kill” (p. 25).

Parker (1810-1860) was an influential Transcendentalist and Unitarian minister who steadfastly opposed the war.

[2] PARKER, Theodore. A Sermon of the Mexican War: Preached at the Melodeon, on Sunday, June 25th, 1848.... Published at Request. Boston: Coolidge and Wiley, 12 Water Street, 1848. [1-3] 4-56 pp. 8vo (23 x 14.5 cm), original printed wrappers, stitched. Spine chipped with a few losses, upper wrapper slightly chipped and stained, lower wrapper lightly chipped. Overall, very good.

Eberstadt 501. Garrett & Goodwin, p. 370. Sabin 58760.

“One of the most important anti-war sermons, by a great theologian, preached after the conclusion of the war. In it Parker demonstrates all the useful and glorious things (a railroad across the Isthmus of Panama, for instance) which could have been done with the money expended on the ‘illegal’ war with Mexico” (Eberstadt).

[3] PEABODY, Andrew P. The Triumphs of War. A Sermon Preached on the Day of the Annual Fast, April 15, 1847.... Published by Request. Portsmouth: John W. Foster, C.W. Brewster, Printer, 1847. [1-3] 4-20 pp. 8vo (21.5 x 14 cm), disbound, lacks wrappers.

Eberstadt 505. Garrett & Goodwin, p. 371. Sabin 59354n.

“A violently anti-war sermon in which the preacher criticizes all those who join in congratulations on the American successes in the war. ‘I pity, from the bottom of my heart, the man who can have so much as a momentary feeling of exultation at such horrors. What! Rejoice at the explosion of those infernal missiles in those late peaceful homes—at the scattering of the dissevered limbs and mangled corpses of those hundreds of women and children?’” (Eberstadt).

[4] RIDDLE, D.H. The Means of Peace: A Sermon, Delivered in the Third Presbyterian Church, Pittsburgh, July 12th, 1846.... Published by the Request of the Congregation. [Pittsburgh]: Printed by Johnston and Stockton, Corner of Market and Third Sts, 1846. [1-3] 4-24 pp. 8vo (21 x 13.5 cm), disbound, lacks wrappers. Scattered light foxing.

Eberstadt 625. Sabin 71267.

“An anti-war sermon promising woe to all who do not exert themselves to secure peace with Mexico and put an end to this war of conquest on the part of the United States. This is an early war peace sermon preached...scarcely two months after the outbreak of the conflict” (Eberstadt).


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