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Remembering the Texas Battles

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[TEXAS]. SALAS, José Mariano de. [Text commences]: Habiendo invitado al Sr. Dean y Venerable Cabildo de esta metropoli, para que se dignasen promover y arreglar unas exéquias.... [Mexico City]: Imprenta de Lara, [1846]. [1] [3, blank] pp. 4to (27 x 21 cm), folded sheet. Dated in type May 26, 1846. With Salas’ ink paraph and addressed in ink on verso to Juan de Dios Pérez Gálvez. A rare, beautiful production printed in Italic script on embossed blue paper.

First edition.

Invitation to what are undoubtedly very early church services in the Cathedral of Mexico to honor soldiers who served at Palo Alto and Resaca de la Palma.


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