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First Complete Edition

<p>Spanish title page</p>


[GUADALUPE HIDALGO, TREATY OF]. MEXICO & UNITED STATES. TREATY. [1st title page]: Tratado de paz, amistad, limites y arreglo definitivo entre la Republica Mexicana y los Estados-Unidos de America, concluido por los plenipotenciarios en Guadalupe Hidalgo el 2 de febrero, ratificado en Washington el 10 de marzo, y en Querétaro el 30 de mayo de 1848. Mexico City: Imprenta de I. Cumplido, calle de los Rebeldes N. 2, 1848. [2nd title page]: Treaty of Peace, Friendship, Boundaries, and Definitive Settlement between the United States of America and the Mexican Republic; Concluded by Plenipotentiaries in Guadalupe Hidalgo on the 2nd of February, Ratified in Washington on the 10th of March, and in Querétaro on the 30th of May, 1848. Mexico City: Printed by I. Cumplido, No. 2 Rebeldes Street, 1848. [1-5] 6-55 [1, blank] pp. 8vo (22.6 x 14 cm), original beige printed wrappers, title within typographical border, original stitching. Other than a few minor nicks to fragile spine, exceptionally fine.

Second edition, first complete edition, with the added protocols, which were necessary for the conclusion of the peace treaty. This edition is said to be more scarce than the first edition, printed at Querétaro a few months before this one. Whether true or not, more copies of the Querétaro edition have been on the market in the past two decades. Cowan II, p. 252. Eberstadt 162:847. Garrett & Goodwin, p. 91. Howes M565. Huntington-Clifford Exhibit (“Possible Titles for an Expanded Zamorano 80”). Libros Californianos, p. 29. Palau 339389. Streeter Sale 282.

This treaty ended the Mexican-American War and ceded to the U.S. the Southwest. By this treaty Mexico lost about half of her territory, and the U.S. increased its size by a third. Streeter notes the text is presented in a somewhat confused manner.


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