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Rare Bangs Imprint

Only Known Copy


UNITED STATES. ARMY. GENERAL ORDERS. Cuartel General 2 Division del Ejército de los Estados-Unidos: Saltillo, Noviembre 23 de 1846. [Matamoros: Samuel Bangs, 1846]. Broadside: 32.5 x 22 cm. Washed, deacidified, with small marginal tears expertly mended, margins browned.

First edition. Not in Spell or Jenkins, who do identify several Bangs Matamoros imprints. This broadside, by its style and typography, clearly shows that Worth had the text sent back to Matamoros for printing by Bangs. This broadside is dated about one week after Taylor entered the city.

Signed in type by W.J. Worth, whom Taylor had left in command after he went to Monterrey, and addressed in type to Vice-gobernador and Gefe Político Eduardo González, the man in charge after the governor and congress fled. This order assures that the Mexican judicial system will not be interrupted, but orders that all passports must be approved by U.S. officials, that cases involving U.S. personnel will be referred to the army, and states that the U.S. is the main power in the state.


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