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Elegant 1812 French Atlas with Early Display of the Lewis & Clark Expedition & the Louisiana Purchase

<p>​North America</p>

[ATLAS]. MALTE-BRUN, [Conrad] & P[ierre] Lapie. Atlas complet du précis de la géographie universelle de M. Malte-Brun; dressé conformément au texte de cet ouvrage et sous les yeux de l’auteur, par M. Lapie, Capitaine Ingénieur Géographe. (Cet atlas est formé de 75 cartes.) Paris: Chez François Buisson, Libraire-Éditeur, Rue Gilles-Coeur, No. 10, 1812. [Text] [2, title], [1]-11 [1, errata]; [Maps] 75 engraved maps with original outline coloring (3 maps are double page: Mappe-Monde sur la Projection Réduite de Mercator, Mappemonde en deux Hémisphères, and Mappemondes sur Diverses Projections), some maps have more than one map per page, most of the maps have charming vignettes relating to the depicted area. Folio, original boards covered with contemporary pink paper, original printed label on upper cover, recent three-quarter burgundy morocco on spine and front corners. Boards rubbed and worn, light foxing (confined mainly to blank margins of some of the text and maps), overall very good original condition, uncut.

Maps of Interest for North America

Amérique Septentrionale. North America extending from Bering Strait-Greenland to Panama. Explanatory text for this map (p. 10) mentions having studied with great care the travels of Lewis and Clark, Pike’s voyages, and information from Humboldt. The editor also states that he used Lewis and Clark for some of the other maps in the atlas.

États Unis et Grandes Antilles. North America extending on the left from Lake Winnipeg to Yucatan-Honduras, and on the right from Labrador to the Antilles. East Texas extends to Nacogdoches.

Méxique. Shows Mexico north from Honduras to the border of the Louisiana Purchase (extends slightly above the latitude with Philadelphia).

First edition. Phillips, Atlases 4306. Rumsey 2631: “These maps have beautiful cartouches and hand-painted outline color.... This atlas is up to date: The North America map shows the Lewis and Clark information and Lewis and Clark are discussed in the text explaining the map.... Extraordinary unique vignettes used for framing the title of each map.” Tooley’s Dictionary of Mapmakers, Vol. 4, p. 198: “Conrad Malte-Brun (1775-1826), Danish geographer and publisher, settled in Paris in 1800, collaborated with French historian Edmé Mentelle. Géographie Mathématique, Paris 1804 (with Mentelle); Atlas Complet du Précis de la Géographie Universelle, Paris, Prudhomme 1809 and later editions (maps by P. Lapie and J.B. Poirson, coloured by Mme Diot); Atlas de la géographie universelle ancienne et modern, Paris, 1816 (with Edme Mentelle).”


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