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Dorothy Sloan-Rare Books, Inc. offers the following appraisal services:

  • Income tax purposes
  • Estate purposes
  • Insurance policies and claims
  • General collection development

We offer written appraisal reports for single volumes, multi-volume libraries, and archives, maps, prints, and art.

Appraisals are conducted according to guidelines established by the IRS and other guidelines. Values are based on fair market comparables, which we document. Rates for appraisals vary according to the size of the appraisal, amount of research required, and travel involved (we are prepared to travel to Mexico and abroad). Our typical fee is $1,000 per day plus expenses. We charge $100 per hour for short appraisals. Please inquire.

Contact us via email at

P.O. Box 4825 ~ Austin, TX 78765-4825
Phone: (512) 477-8442 ~ Fax: (512) 477-8602