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Ranching Catalogue Part 3 (Authors H-L)

Presenting 973 Rare Books of Ranching Literature

Item 3055

The items in this catalogue have been sold. This catalogue was issued in print form in 2016, and is presented in full on our website as a courtesy to users and for reference purposes.


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Catalogue items:

HAFEN, Arthur Knight. Dixie Folklore and Pioneer Memoirs. St. George, Utah: Privately published, 1961 through HAKOLA, John W. (ed.). Frontier Omnibus. Missoula: Montana State University Press; Helena: Montana Historical Society, [1962]

HAKOLA, John W. (ed.). Frontier Omnibus. Missoula: Montana State University Press; Helena: Montana Historical Society, [1962] through HALEY, J. Evetts. Earl Vandale on the Trail of Texas Books. Canyon, Texas: [Carl Hertzog for] Palo Duro Press, 1965

HALEY, J. Evetts. F. Reaugh, Man and Artist. El Paso: Carl Hertzog [for The Shamrock Oil and Gas Corporation], 1960 through HALEY, J. Evetts. “The Making of a Scout” in True West 13:5 (May-June 1966)

HALEY, J. Evetts. Men of Fiber. El Paso: Carl Hertzog, 1963 through HALEY, J. Evetts & Erwin E. Smith. Life on the Texas Range.... Austin: University of Texas Press, [1952]

HALEY, J. Evetts & Erwin E. Smith. Life on the Texas Range. Austin: University of Texas Press, [1973] through HALSELL, H. H. Romance of the West. San Antonio: Naylor, 1940

HAMBLETON, Chalkley J. A Gold Hunter’s Experience. Chicago: Printed for private circulation, 1898 through HAMNER, Laura V. Short Grass and Longhorns. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1943

[HAMNER, Laura V.]. Pen Points: In Commemoration of the Twenty-First Anniversary of the Panhandle Pen Women. New York: Henry Harrison, [1941] through HARMAN, Samuel W. Belle Starr, the Female Desperado. Houston: Frontier Press of Texas, 1954

HARMAN, S[amuel] W. Hell on the Border.... Fort Smith, Arkansas: Phoenix Publishing Company, [1898] through HASTINGS, Frank S. A Ranchman’s Recollections.... Austin: The Texas State Historical Association, [1985]

HASTINGS, George E. Hell in Texas. Austin: Texas Folk-Lore Society, 1931 through HEERMANS, Forbes. Thirteen Stories of the Far West. Syracuse: C. W. Bardeen Publisher, 1887

HEGEMANN, Elizabeth Compton. Navaho Trading Days. [Albuquerque]: University of New Mexico Press, [1963] through HEWETT, Edgar L. Campfire and Trail. Albuquerque: University of New Mexico, 1943

HICKENLOOPER, Frank. An Illustrated History of Monroe County, Iowa.... Albia, Iowa: [Published by the author], 1896 through [HILZINGER, John George]. Treasure Land: A Story. Vol. 1 [all published]. Tucson: Arizona Advancement Company, 1897

HINES, Gordon. Alfalfa Bill: An Intimate Biography. Oklahoma City: Oklahoma Press, [1932] through HOLDEN, William Curry. Alkali Trails; or, Social and Economic Movements of the Texas Frontier, 1846-1900. Dallas: Southwest Press, [1930]

HOLDEN, William Curry. Alton Hutson: Reminiscences of a South Plains Youth. San Antonio: Trinity University Press, [1975] through HOLMAN, David (comp.). Letters of Hard Times in Texas, 1840-1890. Austin: Roger Beacham [William R. Holman], 1974

HOLMAN, Frederick V. Dr. John McLoughlin, the Father of Oregon. Cleveland: The Arthur H. Clark Company, 1907 through HORGAN, Paul. The Return of the Weed.... Illustrated with Original Lithographs by Peter Hurd. New York & London: Harper, 1936

HORN, Calvin. New Mexico’s Troubled Years: The Story of the Early Territorial Governors. Albuquerque: Horn & Wallace, [1963] through HOUSE, Boyce. Tall Talk from Texas. San Antonio: Naylor, 1944

HOUSE, Boyce. Texas—Proud and Loud. San Antonio: Naylor, [1945] through HOYT, Henry F. A Frontier Doctor. Boston, New York & Cambridge: Houghton Mifflin Company & Riverside Press, 1929

HUBBARD, Lester A. (ed.). Ballads and Songs from Utah.... Salt Lake City: University of Utah Press, 1961 through HUNT, Aurora. Kirby Benedict, Frontier Federal Judge.... Glendale: The Arthur H. Clark Company, 1961

HUNT, Elvid. History of Fort Leavenworth, 1827-1927. Fort Leavenworth: General Service Schools Press, 1926 through HUNTER, J. Marvin (ed.). The Trail Drivers of Texas.... Nashville: Cokesbury Press, 1925

HUNTER, J. Marvin. The Trail Drivers of Texas.... New York: Argosy-Antiquarian, 1963 through HUTTO, John R. Howard County in the Making [wrapper title]. N.p.: [Jordan’s Print], 1938

HUTTON, William Rich. Glances at California, 1847-1853.... San Marino: [Ward Ritchie for] Huntington Library, 1942 through INMAN, Henry. The Old Santa Fé Trail: The Story of a Great Highway. New York & London: Macmillan Company, 1897

INMAN, Henry. The Old Santa Fé Trail.... Topeka: Crane & Company, 1899 through JAMES, Maria Aurelia. I Remember: Being the Memoirs of Mrs. John Herndon (Maria Aurelia Williams) James.... San Antonio: Naylor, 1938

JAMES, Vinton Lee. Frontier and Pioneer Recollections of Early Days in San Antonio and West Texas. San Antonio: Artes Graficas, 1938 through JAMES, Will. Scorpion: A Good Bad Horse. New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1936

JAMES, Will. The Three Mustangeers. New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1933 through JOCELYN, Stephen Perry. Mostly Alkali: A Biography. Caldwell: Caxton Printers, 1953

JOCKNICK, Sidney. Early Days on the Western Slope of Colorado and Campfire Chats with Otto Mears, the Pathfinder, from 1870 to 1883, Inclusive. Denver: Carson-Harper Company, 1913 through JONES, Daniel W. Forty Years among the Indians.... Salt Lake City: Juvenile Instructor Office, 1890

JONES, Daniel W. Forty Years among the Indians.... Salt Lake City: Juvenile Instructor Office, 1890 through KEGLEY, Max. Rodeo: The Sport of the Cow Country. New York: Hastings House, [1942]

KEITH, Elmer. Sixguns by Keith: The Standard Reference Work. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania: The Stackpole Company, [1955] through KELLY, Charles & Dale Morgan. Old Greenwood: The Story of Caleb Greenwood, Trapper, Pathfinder, and Early Pioneer. Georgetown, California: Talisman Press, 1965

KELLY, Luther S. Yellowstone Kelly: The Memoirs of Luther S. Kelly. Edited by M. M. Quaife, with a Foreword by Lt. General Nelson A. Miles. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1926 through KING, Frank M. Longhorn Trail Drivers. [Los Angeles]: Frank M. King, 1940

KING, Frank M. Mavericks: The Salty Comments of an Old-Time Cowpuncher. Pasadena: Trail’s End, [1947] through KLEBERG, Robert J., Jr. The Santa Gertrudis Breed of Beef Cattle [wrapper title]. Kingsville, n.d. [1954]

KLEBERG, Robert J., Jr. The Santa Gertrudis Breed of Beef Cattle. Kingsville: [Carl Hertzog for] King Ranch, 1954 through KRAKEL, Dean F. South Platte Country.... Laramie: Powder River Publishers, 1954

KRAKEL, Dean F. South Platte Country.... Laramie: Powder River Publishers, 1954 through LANDA, Harry. As I Remember.... [San Antonio: Carleton Printing, 1945]

LANDERS, Joseph (comp.). Who’s Who in the Rockies. Denver: Denver Press Club, [1923] through LASATER, Laurence. The Lasater Philosophy of Cattle Raising. El Paso: Texas Western Press, 1972

LASATER, Laurence. The Lasater Philosophy of Cattle Raising. El Paso: Texas Western Press, 1972 through LAY, Dan W. Management of Fur-Bearing Animals on Texas Farms and Ranches. [Austin]: Texas Game, Fish, and Oyster Commission, 1940

LE NETREL, Edmond. Voyage of the Héros: Around the World with Duhaut-Cilly in the Years 1826, 1827, 1828 & 1829.... Los Angeles & [Pasadena: The Castle Press for] Glen Dawson, 1951 through LEA, Tom. Western Beef Cattle: A Series of Eleven Paintings by Tom Lea Depicting the Origin and Development of the Western Range Animal. [Austin]: Encino Press, [1967]

LEA, Tom. The Wonderful Country. Boston: Little, Brown, [1952] through LEECH, Harper & John Charles Carroll. Armour and His Times. New York & London: D. Appleton-Century Company, 1938

LEEPER, David Rohrer. The Argonauts of ‘Forty-Nine: Some Recollections of the Plains and the Diggings. South Bend, Indiana: J. B. Stoll & Company, 1894 through LEWIS, Oscar. Sutter’s Fort: Gateway to the Gold Fields. Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey: Prentice-Hall, [1966]

LEWIS, Richard W. Early Day History of Home City, Kansas. Marysville, Kansas: The Marysville Advocate, 1949 through [LIPPINCOTT, Sara Jane (Clarke)]. New Life in New Lands: Notes of Travel by Grace Greenwood [pseud]. New York: J. B. Ford, 1873

LIPPS, Oscar H. The Navajos: Little Histories of North American Indians. Cedar Rapids: The Torch Press, 1909 through LOGUE, Roscoe. Tumbleweeds and Barb Wire Fences. Amarillo: Russell Stationery Company, 1936

LOGUE, Roscoe. Under Texas and Border Skies. Amarillo: Russell Stationery Co., 1935 through LOOMIS, Leander Vaness. A Journal of the Birmingham Emigrating Company.... Salt Lake City: [Legal Printing Company], 1928

[LORD, John Keast]. At Home in the Wilderness.... London: Robert Hardwicke, 1867 through [LYNDON, Ross] (Wilbert Edwin Eisele, pseud.). The Real Wild Bill Hickok.... Denver: William H. Andre, 1931

Item 2841
Item 2841